An Action Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

SC2.0 is a transformative model of practice for organizing and delivering evidence-based and informed mental health programming in alignment with recovery principles. At the heart of this model is a proactive commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that intentionally addresses injustices within current systems of care. The foundational design of SC2.0 puts into action social justice principles throughout its operations.


In contrast to the dominant one-size-fits-all approach to mental health, based primarily on rigid, randomized clinical trials, SC2.0 regards multiple and diverse options as the standard by which care should be offered. This diverse approach is considered to be more reflective of those served and inclusive of race; ethnicity; sexual, affectional, intersex, and gender-expansive communities; socioeconomic status; language; national origin; religion; commitment; age; ability; and political perspective.


SC2.0 recognizes that social justice should drive an effective care system and recognizes the unjust privileging of the dominant colonial approach. SC2.0 is based on the principle that all individuals and communities have strengths and expertise and with information about mental health and recovery, individuals are able to make informed choices, and determine what best fits their needs and circumstances.  


SC2.0 is based on an effective care system in which all people have access to care when and where it is needed. From this perspective, transformation of systems and continuous improvement means recognition that there is no ideal solution; that trial-and-error leads to growth and change, thereby fostering a vibrant climate of collaboration and inclusiveness.