In 2017, the Association of University and College Counseling Centers (AUCCCD) introduced a new question on the annual survey of directors: “Our center uses a version of stepped care.” Seventy-five directors (12.4% of those surveyed) said “yes.” This fall, for the first time, there will be a “stepped care” affinity group meeting at the annual conference in New Orleans on October 14.

This map shows the places where our version of stepped care, Stepped Care 2.0, has been implemented/adapted or is being considered (a total of 98 places). The purple (youth) and dark blue (adult) pins indicate implementation/adaptation in the general health system. The black pins represent integrated primary health clinics, where mental health services are provided by an interprofessional team in a primary care setting. The green pins indicate implementation/adaptation in the post-secondary system; in most cases institutions adapted the Memorial model to suit the unique local context. The orange pins indicate sites considering implementation; all have consulted with me, some have been trained and some are members of one of our two stepped care communities of practice. To identify sites, click here for an interactive map.