I am hosting free monthly Stepped Care 2.0 Communities of Practice (CoP) webinars, one for small post-secondary schools (5000 students or less) and the other for medium and large schools (above 5,000 students). Given that the model is also getting traction in non-PSE sectors (adult public mental health care, primary care and youth integrated hubs), I welcome participation from those working in the health care sector.

Below are the agenda and access details for the webinar series. For those working in health sector rural clinics  the small schools CoPs may be more valuable, while those practicing in larger centres might find the large school webinars more appropriate. Join us if you can. You can obtain time of sessions and details for joining by clicking below.


Structure & Process:

  • The webinars will begin with 10-15 minutes of content.
  • As much as possible, we will encourage interaction – sometimes we will post polls in the webinars to tap into where participants are in their design or implementation processes.
  • We will encourage a Q and A roundtable format.
  • If there are a lot of participants, please use chat window to get our attention, ask questions or indicate your desire to share experiences – successes or challenges.
  • Goal is to tap the collective wisdom of the group so learning about the innovations and successes from everyone is important.
  • If you have ideas on how to improve our webinars, or there is a topic you would like to present on, please let me know at pcornish@mun.ca