We have produced a series of 12 Stepped Care open access training videos. These are available for viewing free of charge through this link. Although the videos are informed by actual case histories, the client roles are performed by standardized patients or graduate students in psychology and counselling.

The series includes:

  1. A 45-minute Single-Session walk-in encounter based on Hoyt and Talmon’s (2014) work for clients who are interested in working quickly and/or have limited time for counselling. Dr. Heather Hair sees “Tom.”
  2. Two 25-minute Walk-in Stepped Care System Assessment / Consultation session videos. This is the entry point to our Stepped Care 2.0 model for clients who may be interested in any of our entire suite of programs. Dr. Peter Cornish sees “Sterling” and “Rebecca.”
  3. Five Step 4 Expert-Assisted e-Mental Health Support session videos. Dr. Cornish sees “Sterling” and “Rebecca” for TAO coaching. Psychologist, Dr. Yeryomenko, sees “Jodi” for TAO coaching. Social worker, Dr. Churchill, sees “Joan,” in the context of a publicly funded community-based clinic, for TAO coaching. And physician, Dr. Marr, sees “Anna” for TAO coaching in a primary care context.
  4. Three Step 6 Intensive Flexible Individual Programming session videos (these are variants on traditional psychotherapy). Included here are: a) a very brief therapeutic encounter in which Dr. Whelan sees “Lisa” – 10 minutes; b) a follow-up session conducted by Dr. Churchill with “Joan” after a low intensity referral had failed; c) a referral to Step 8 – Creative Case Management –  when Dr. Cornish sees “Scott” whose progress had been deteriorating with more traditional Step 6  (Flexible Individual Programming).
  5. One Step 8 Creative Case Management session video when mental health nurse, Kelly Neville sees “Scott” who was referred by Dr. Cornish.”Scott” is considering participating on our “client design team.”