I have created a “mindmap” outlining five key steps for implementing Stepped Care 2.0 ©. These tips have been collected in my consultations with more than 50 universities, colleges and health authorities. The map above is just an image. But if you click on it you will be directed to the map. I think it works best using a Chrome browser. Click on the circles with the dots inside to open up branches. You can collapse the branches by clicking on the empty circles. Feel free to add content to the map. If you sign up for a Mindmeister account (free) your edits will show you as contributor; otherwise your contributions will be anonymous. You can add sibling topics (at same level) with the enter key. You can add child topics (subcategories) with the tab key. Be bold, be creative, be innovative!  Don’t worry if you mess it up.I have the original saved separately and can repair any unintended damage!