A Brief Overview of Stepped Care 2.0

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Course Description

This course provides a  brief introduction to the Stepped Care 2.0 (SC2.0) model, principles, and core components. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It is appropriate for anyone interested in a brief introduction to the SC2.0 model.

Course length: Approximately 45 minutes

Why SC2.0 Matters

Stepped Care 2.0 represents a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, transforming the way the system is organized to create accessible and integrated services. The SC2.0 model is a principles-driven, evidence-informed approach to designing the delivery of mental health care.


Who Should Enrol

Whether you’re a healthcare professional exploring new methodologies, a director at a counselling centre, or an individual with a keen interest in innovative healthcare models, this course is tailored to meet your needs. Designed for those seeking a succinct yet insightful overview, it’s the perfect starting point on your journey into the realm of the  SC2.0 model.


What You’ll Gain

By the end of this course, you’ll emerge with a clear understanding of the SC2.0 model, its principles, core components, and nine-step planning framework. You’ll grasp the significance of its application in diverse healthcare settings and gain insights into its potential impact on patient care and outcomes.


Why Choose Us

At Stepped Care Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering quality education that empowers individuals to excel. Our course is expertly crafted to provide a seamless learning experience, blending convenience with depth of knowledge.


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