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A global team of mental health system innovators.

Guiding the transformation of mental health systems.

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Unique in concept and effective in implementation, Stepped Care Solutions is a not-for-profit mental health system consultancy group. We are dedicated to collaborating with organizations, communities and institutions to support their transformation in providing flexible and high-quality mental health and substance use health services.

Our global team of consultants use their leading clinical and practical health care expertise to support the co-design of a range of innovative support and care models, including digital innovations. By removing barriers to care experienced by many help seekers, and by organizing a wide range of therapeutic resources along a continuum, our approach maximizes access to culturally relevant care options.



Wellbeing Everywhere

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To lead a global transformation of mental health care systems where mental health is universally accepted as part of health and wellbeing, and everyone has open access to stigma free, culturally appropriate resources, tools and supports that elevate their quality of life.

An Action Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

SC2.0 is a transformative system model for organizing and delivering evidence-based and informed mental health and wellness programming in alignment with recovery principles. At the heart of this model is a proactive commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that intentionally addresses injustices within current systems of care. The foundational design of SC2.0 puts into action social justice principles throughout its operations.


In contrast to the dominant one-size-fits-all approach to mental health and wellness, SC2.0 regards multiple and diverse care options as essential for an effective and responsive care system. This approach makes it possible for care to be reflective of those served and inclusive of race; ethnicity; sexual, affectional, intersex, and gender-expansive communities; socioeconomic status; language; national origin; religion; commitment; age; ability; and political perspective.


SC2.0 recognizes that social justice should drive an effective care system and recognizes the unjust privileging of the dominant colonial approach. SC2.0 is based on the principle that all individuals and communities have strengths and expertise and with information about mental health and recovery, individuals are able to make informed choices, and determine what best fits their needs and circumstances.


SC2.0 is based on an effective care system in which all people have access to care when and where it is needed. From this perspective, transformation of systems and continuous improvement means recognizing that there is no ideal solution; that trial-and-error leads to growth and change, thereby fostering a vibrant climate of collaboration and inclusiveness.

Guided by Our Principles

We are a mission-driven organization, guided in every facet of our work by our principles. Rooted in concepts of social justice, autonomy, open access, co-design and recovery-oriented practices, our principles guide the work we do, the systems we co-create and the ways in which we interact with each other, our implementing partners and the world.

  • Social justice drives effective care system transformation and is an intervention in itself.
  • Multiple and diverse care options are required as one approach will not work for everyone.
  • All individuals and communities have strength and capacity.
  • People engage with what they are ready to do. A gold standard intervention is that which best fits the service user at any given time.
  • Professionals do not carry all the wisdom. People often know what is best for them.
  • Mental health literacy is required for people to make informed decisions.
  • An effective care system ensures people have access to care when and where it is needed.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts: The strength of the system relies on multilevel collaboration.
  • Minimal interventions can produce powerful results.
  • There is no ideal solution. Trial-and-error leads to growth and change.

Innovative care.
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Our team is ready to help you implement an innovative mental health system that will deliver accessible and effective mental health care to your community.