Although Single Session Therapy (SST), sometimes called One-at-a-Time (OAAT) Therapy, has been around for a while, it has steadily gained attention among providers and mental health service delivery systems. SST is a method that providers can learn and embrace to support people in the moment, based on the belief that a single interaction can yield substantial benefits. SST offers a more strength-based, person-centric approach – recognizing that wisdom is not limited to mental health professionals and that individuals often know what is best for them.

SST can have tremendous impacts in different contexts, with proven waitlist reductions and positive outcomes for many people. Research shows the most common number of therapy sessions attended is one session. If a person will only engage once and may never return for another session, it becomes vital that the one session they experience is helpful. 

Rooted in SST methodology, OAAT thinking is a core component of the Stepped Care 2.0 model; it considers that every encounter across the mental health system is an opportunity for a person to have a helpful experience and address their immediate concerns. OAAT therapy provides an effective and practical option for people seeking support to address their concerns in the moment. 

Stepped Care Solutions has embarked on a special series to explore different perspectives on OAAT thinking. Through blog posts, podcast episodes, webinars and conversations, we will learn from various individuals about how OAAT thinking can be applied in different contexts. We hope you join our conversation and share your thoughts.  

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