We’re excited to share insights from the International Single-Session Therapies (SST) symposium in Rome, Italy (November 10-12, 2023). Gathering participants from across the world, this symposium served as a unique and engaging setting for mental health professionals worldwide, with SST at its core. Several of our colleagues here at Stepped Care Solutions had the opportunity to present and participate. Here, we provide a glimpse into the profound experience at the symposium and the transformative capacity of One-at-a-Time (OAAT) within the broader landscape of mental health care.


Understanding Single-Session Therapies (SST):

 Central to the conference was the exploration of Single-Session Therapies (SST) – an approach that continues to gain traction among mental health practitioners worldwide. As evidenced by an almost forty year history, SST is not a newcomer to the arena of mental healthcare. But unlike conventional therapy models, it transcends any one specific methodology, embracing diverse practices and mindsets with a shared goal: optimizing every client interaction for responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Insights from Key Presentations:

 The forum strove to provide space to explore the latest theory, practices and research. SCS president AnnMarie Churchill was honoured to address attendees on the transformative potential of SST within mental health systems. Drawing from SCS’ experiences in OAAT and diverse care settings across Canada, the presentation underscored how a Single-Session Therapy approach can enhance both access and outcomes for individuals seeking support. Taking their place on the world stage, Monte Bobele and Arnie Slive shared their historical knowledge and ongoing practice expertise in SST. 

Throughout the conference, attendees were privileged to hear from luminaries and trailblazers in the field. From leading international experts like Moshe Talmon and Rob Rosenbaum to established voices Jeff Young, Windy Dryden and Pam Rycroft, the lineup featured a diverse array of perspectives. Notably, the global representation further enriched the discourse, with presenters representing esteemed institutions like Trope University in Australia, Northwestern University in the US, and Goldsmiths University of London, UK, among others.


Key Takeaways and Collaborative Endeavours:

 The conference wasn’t just about presentations; it was also a platform for conversation, collaboration and partnership. Engaging discussions with representatives from organizations like KOOTH (US), Headspace Australia, and the Bouverie Centre (Australia) highlighted the collective effort towards advancing SST practices globally. Additionally, interactions with academic institutions such as Cambridge University and service programs such as Foundry (BC, Canada) underscored the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping the future of mental health care.

Stepped Care Solutions’ participation in the SST conference left us enlightened and inspired. It reaffirmed the significance of embracing innovative approaches like SST in addressing the evolving needs of individuals seeking mental health support. As we navigate the complexities of mental health care, forums like the SST symposium serve as catalysts for change, fostering collaboration, innovation, and ultimately, better outcomes for all.

We extend an invitation to you to join the conversation and delve into the transformative potential of Single-Session Therapies on our collective journey towards holistic mental well-being.

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