Building Youth-centric Systems Through Co-design

Through knowledge exchange and a commitment to co-design principles, Stepped Care Solutions provides the resources and training that allow its clients to design, implement, and provide effective, efficient, responsive mental health care. Co-design brings together people with diverse experiences and perspectives to co-develop and implement a mental health care system they will use and work in. This involvement increases person-centric, accessible, and relevant systems and services unique to each community. Co-design is a core component of Stepped Care 2.0 (SC2.0) – our principles-driven, evidence-based approach to transforming the delivery of mental health care.

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Co-design and Synergy

At the core of SC2.0’s methodology is its approach to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, rooted in the concept of ‘synergy.’ Synergy recognizes and leverages the interconnectedness between people, communities and systems to address the impacts of oppression that can be inherent in mental health systems, find solutions, and build restorative systems. Both co-design and synergy are strengths-based and inclusive, recognizing that people have diverse perspectives and experiences that add value to system design and improvement.

Why Stepped Care 2.0


Current Problems

  • Long waitlists
  • Too many processes, forms and requirements keep people from getting timely support
  • Systems are based on a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Limited data available to guide people, services, and organizations
  • A lack of collaboration making it hard to move between services as needed
  • Shortage of mental health, substance use health, and addictions providers

Benefits of SC2.0 Implementation

  • Quick and easy access to a variety of effective, evidence-informed resources and services
  • A care-first approach that puts people’s needs first and recognizes their strengths and capacities
  • Ability to choose from a broad range of interventions from low to high intensity, in-person or online, according to needs and preferences
  • Data is collected to make decisions leading to more flexible person-centric services and improved outcomes
  • A framework for organizing services in a way that promotes collaboration and easier navigation
  • An expanded and diverse workforce with community-wide approach

What We Offer

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Co-design is one of the nine core components of SC2.0, and an essential ingredient of a fully functional SC2.0 model. To support clients wanting to embark on a transformative journey, we offer a variety of resources and services. Each differs in scope, formality, and cost. We will work with you to implement the model in your unique context through a customized combination of services.

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