Introduction to Data-Informed Decision Making

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to data-informed decision making in Stepped Care 2.0 (SC2.0); specifically, why data is used to support service users and service providers with decisions about care, and why it’s important. It also introduces opportunities to use data to improve the care system. This course is primarily for service providers and leadership, but relevant for anyone interested in how data informs decision-making in the SC2.0 model. [Note: This is part one of a three part series on DIDM. Parts 2 and 3 will be available in the near future. They focus on DIDM for Service Providers and DIDM for Administrators.]

Course length: Approximately 1 hour

Why Data-Informed Decision Making Matters

Person-centric care is a practice in which people actively participate and are decision makers for their own wellness journey and is central to a meaningful DIDM process. Whether you’re a mental health professional, a member of an implementation team, or a partner invested in shaping the future of care, being knowledgeable about MBC is relevant to driving positive change.


Who Should Enroll

This course is tailored for leadership, implementation team members, and partners who are keen on implementing data-informed decision making practices. Whether you’re seeking to understand the significance of data in supporting service users and providers or exploring opportunities to enhance the care system, this course is designed with your needs in mind.


What You’ll Learn

In just one hour, you’ll gain a comprehensive introduction to data-informed decision making within the SC2.0 model. Discover why data is indispensable in informing care decisions, and explore how it can be leveraged to improve the care system. This course lays the foundation for deeper dives into specific aspects of data-informed decision making, with upcoming modules focusing on data-informed decision making for service providers and for administrators.


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