One-at-a-Time (OAAT)/Single-session Counselling virtual, asynchronous training course

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Course Description

This course introduces the One-at-a-time (OAAT)/Single Session counselling approach and prepares providers to incorporate it into their practice. It is designed primarily for mental health service providers, but is also relevant for leadership to better understand the shift in practice that will need to be supported.

Course length: Approximately 3-5 hours

Why OAAT Counselling Matters

OAAT is a care-first approach that promotes hope and agency in people in a way that truly capitalises on a person’s strengths. OAAT counselling focuses on a person’s top of mind concern and aims each session is an intervention in itself. . orWhether you’re a mental health professional, a leader guiding organizational change, a member of an implementation team, or a director at a counselling centre, understanding and practicing OAAT/Single Session counselling can guide you towards improving access and outcomes for people accessing services.

Who Should Enroll

This course is tailored for mental health service providers seeking to enhance their practice through OAAT/Single Session counselling. Additionally, it offers valuable insights for leadership, providing a deeper understanding of the shift in practice required to support this approach effectively. Whether you’re looking to refine your counselling skills or drive organizational change, this course is designed to meet your needs.

What You’ll Learn

Over the course of 3-5 hours, you’ll delve into the principles and techniques of OAAT/Single Session counselling, gaining practical tools to incorporate into your practice. From understanding the foundational concepts to implementing OAAT/Single Session counselling strategies effectively, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to provide personalized support that makes a difference.

Why Choose Us

At Stepped Care Solutions, we’re committed to delivering excellence in mental health education. Our course offers the flexibility of asynchronous learning combined with the depth of content needed to foster meaningful professional growth. Join us as we empower mental health professionals and leaders to embrace OAAT/Single Session counselling and transform the way support is delivered.

Take the First Step

Take the step to enhance your proficiency in OAAT/Single Session counselling. Begin the journey towards understanding OAAT/Single Session counselling and a path toward reducing wait times for mental health services.