One-at-a-Time / Single Session Counselling

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One-at-a-Time (Single-Session) Counselling

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Course Description

This course introduces One-at-a-Time (OAAT) Counselling – sometimes called Single Session Therapy (SST). From understanding the foundational concepts to implementing the counselling strategies effectively, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to provide personalized support at the moment people access services.


Course length: Approximately 3-5 hours

Cost per individual: $275

OAAT Counselling embraces every interaction as an opportunity for a person to have a helpful experience and address their immediate concerns.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use the theory and principles of the One-at-a-Time Counselling approach to inform a “single-session mindset.” 
  • Identify evidence for the One-at-a-Time counselling approach. 
  • Develop a framework to guide a one-at-a-time session with a client.
  • Identify the desired focus of the session. 
  • Explain how to end a One-at-a-Time session with a client.

Course Content

  • What is one-at-a-time counselling? 
  • Adapting the one-at-a-time counselling approach to your organization 
  • What does the research say? 
  • One-at-a-time counselling approach within the Stepped Care 2.0 model 
  • Basic assumptions and principles of the One-at-a-Time counselling approach 
  • “Single-session mindset” 
  • One-at-a-time 5 part session structure 
  • Additional Resources

*Participants who complete all course activities will receive a letter of completion.

Why it Matters

This is a care-first approach that promotes hope and agency in a way that truly capitalises on a person’s strengths. It recognizes that wisdom is not limited to mental health providers and that individuals often know what is best for them. OAAT Counselling embraces every interaction as an opportunity for a person to have a helpful experience and address their immediate concerns.

Participants will also be guided through the five parts of delivering OAAT counselling through a simulated session led by one of our Subject Matter Experts, Dr. Heather Hair.

Who Should Enroll

Whether you’re a mental health provider or leading organizational change, embracing OAAT Counselling can significantly enhance your ability to improve access and outcomes for those utilizing services.

Additionally, it provides valuable insights for leadership, fostering a deeper understanding of the practice adjustments necessary to effectively support this approach.

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