SC2.0 Implementation in Higher Education

The need for accessible, effective and culturally relevant mental health care has never been more important. Stepped Care Solutions is dedicated to advancing health and wellbeing in higher education. In recent years, numerous post-secondary institutions across North America have embarked on a transformative journey toward implementing the Stepped Care 2.0© (SC2.0) model.


Enhancing Campus Wellbeing Through SC2.0

Stepped Care Solutions provides consultation, service provider training, and care pathway development based on SC2.0’s transformative framework to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of mental health supports and improve student wellbeing across campus. Rooted in concepts of social justice, autonomy, open access, co-design and recovery-oriented practices, our principles guide the work we do and the systems we co-create. Unique in its person-centric and inclusive approach, the SC2.0 model offers individuals an informed choice of an extended range of services tailored to their needs, preferences, and readiness to engage. Options can include formal and informal services such as traditional interventions, innovative e-mental health programming, peer support, upstream early intervention and mental health promotion

SC2.0 fundamentally reimagines how student mental health services can — and should — work to provide better care.

Benefits & Value of SC2.0

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  • Ability to choose from a broad range of interventions from low to high intensity, in-person or online, according to needs and preferences
  • Interventions address individual concerns at every encounter
  • Access to effective and evidence-informed care
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Service Providers

  • Increased time and flexibility
  • Greater knowledge and ability to enact change
  • Ability to be responsive to client needs
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System Administrators

  • Reduction in wait times
  • Facilitates efficient and equitable service delivery
  • Delivers a framework for organizing and integrating existing resources along the care continuum


At the heart of the SC2.0 model, and rooted in the concept of synergy, is a proactive commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that intentionally addresses injustices within current systems of care. Synergy recognizes and leverages the interconnectedness between people, communities and systems to address the impacts of colonialism, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression that can be inherent in mental health systems, find solutions, and build restorative systems.

Through innovative approaches that foster authentic collaboration and an ethic of care where everyone feels valued and heard, we create an interconnected, sustainable and resilient environment that promotes mental health and encourages a culture of wellbeing abundance, rather than scarcity. 

What We Offer

We offer a variety of resources and services to support colleges and universities ready to embark on a transformative journey. We will work with you to implement the SC2.0 model in your unique context through a customized combination of the following services.


We provide consultation and support to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of mental health services, and to improve student wellbeing across campuses. This service is based on implementation science and can include consultation on change management, co-design, evaluation, quality improvement, communication, and engagement. The consultation process remains flexible and contextualized to your local context, history, resources, and needs.


With our various subject matter experts, and based on your needs, we offer training to build capacity within your student mental health services department through a suite of SC2.0 asynchronous training courses and/or live, tailored training sessions. Topics include: Introduction to SC2.0, One-at-a-Time (Single-Session) Counseling, Introduction to Data-informed Decision Making, and Supervision Training for Effective One-at-a-Time Counseling.


Our workshops are flexible and include various options for engagement and co-design. Topics include: Synergy in SC2.0: Beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Populating the Model, Implementing One-at-a-Time (OAAT) Counseling in the Context of Open Access Settings, Stepping into Helping Conversations, Peer Support in SC2.0, and Strengthening SC2.0 by Applying Implementation Science.

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“Most impactful change to the organization in more than a decade.”
– UC Berkeley Manager

“I think once you open yourself up to the possibility that [there are] a lot of ways of meeting people’s therapeutic and mental health needs, then you feel less pressure about trying to figure out how to do it.”

– Clinician in a University Counseling Center Setting

About Stepped Care Solutions

We are a mission-driven not-for-profit consultancy group and the creators of SC2.0. Our team is recognized for its clinical expertise, implementation skills, and leadership in transforming mental health systems. We collaborate with organizations, communities, and institutions to co-design, develop, and implement core components across the spectrum for equitable open-access mental health care systems. 

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